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High Temp Magnet Sheet - GraviFlex® 200 - Schallenkammer

High Temp Magnet Sheet - GraviFlex® 200 - Schallenkammer

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These high quality magnet sheets have a strong magnetic force and can operate at high temperatures which makes them perfect for 3D printer flex plates.

You don't need to stress about aligning these magnet sheets perfectly when installing them on to your aluminum plate - we specifically sourced these to be slightly larger than the Voron Aluminum Plates so that you can easily install them and cut off the excess.

This is an anisotropic*, multi-pole magnet sheet with a max constant operating temperature of 120°C (short-term up to 200°C). The magnet sheet comes with Lohman adhesive pre-applied to one side.

Made in Germany by Schallenkammer Magnetsysteme.

Product Specs:

  • Material thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Remanence Br: 243–263 mT
  • Coercive field strength HcB: 179–203 kA/m
  • Coercive field strength HcJ: 211–257 kA/m
  • Energy product (W×H)max.: 11.1–13.5 kJ/m³
  • Adhesive force: approx. 130 g/cm²*

Anisotropic - Magnetized in a predetermined direction leading to higher adhesive force than regular isotropic magnets.

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